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Visit the Faroes’ largest industrial expo which will be held in Klaksvik, the vibrant and industrious fishing capital of the North Atlantic, in May 2021.

“Atlantic Fair – International Maritime Exhibition” is staged every other year. The expo in May this year was a resounding success with 193 exhibitors from 21 countries and an attendance of 4,300 over the three days of the event.

The expo is aimed at showcasing maritime goods and services and to highlight contemporary developments in that field.

The exact date for the 2021 event will be announced in 2020



The societies in the North Atlantic depend on the sea and its natural resources.

It is reflected in the diversity of the companies which over the years have participated in this exhibition, as they operate in at least two of the most important segments in the area – the fishing industry and the offshore industry.

Adapting to

the needs for future sustainable growth in the fishery sector is crucial for the people of the region. The companies which over the years have participated at the fair are living examples that innovation and adaptability go hand in hand and know no boundaries.

Innovation and application of new technology in the maritime sector has become crucial, and is an important key to growth in these sectors in our region in the future.

Climate change will affect a broad range of human activities and welfare in different ways and to different extents. Some of the most direct impacts in our region will be felt in sectors that rely on natural resources, such as fisheries, aquaculture and energy production. In this context adaptation and innovation is crucial to deal with the effects of climate change.

Innovation is also a key factor in ensuring sustainable solutions that enhance long-term economic viability of the fisheries. By showcasing and sharing knowledge and creating business-to-business partnerships we can obtain greater productivity in our maritime industry.

I am confident that the Atlantic Fair once again will present the best of what maritime-related businesses in the North Atlantic are capable of, both in our region and world-wide.

Áki í Skemmuni

Managing director

Jógvan Skorheim

Mayor of Klaksvík Municipality


Welcome to Klaksvík!

With Klaksvík famous for it’s long standing traditions in the fishing industry, the right combination of ancestral inspiration and developing new ideas has on several occasions proved itself valuable to local entrepreneurs and role models.

Therefore we believe that each and every addition to our municipality is an asset to the diversity and creativity in our society, exemplified by the Atlantic Fair itself as an event and the results of the presentations and networking, the fair leads to. Because new people bring new ideas and new ideas generate growth when embraced and fulfilled rightly.

And so the recipe to success could easily be a gentle mix of tradition and innovation. In other words to keep our origin in mind, as we move on to new destinations. And this is in short the essential meaning of the Atlantic Fair to Klaksvík, being as it is a result of great and lasting cooperation between the Fair management, the city of Klaksvík and the various industries.

With this in mind, we are once again pleased to welcome you to Klaksvík for the Atlantic Fair. The ocean being a naturally embedded part of our culture, we find our role as hosts of the fair very suitable and we certainly look forward to hosting exhibitors and visitors here in the heart of the Northern Faroes.

Aksel V. Johannesen

Prime minister of the Faroe Islands. from 2015 to 2019.

The prime minister´s speech at the opening of Atlantic Fair 2019

“….. In previous years, the Atlantic Fair has been successful and well visited; it has highlighted the seafood industry on an international level. This is essential for the Faroe Islands as well as our international partners. I am confident that the event will once again lay the foundations for further growth in the industries that are the main source of income for the Faroe Islands …”

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